Mature Age Men Group Inc. meeting monthly at the Sportsman Hotel in Brisbane.
Mature Age Men Group Inc. for mature age men and men over 21 years of age who fancy them

MAM was formed in 1996 and Incorporated in 1998 - we are now in our twentieth year. Mature Age Men Group Inc. is a very worthwhile social group to belong to. At the monthly meetings a great open friendship and the readiness to help any member in need of help, the social atmosphere generated is what keeps members coming back for more.

Mature Age Men Group Inc. has helped raise the recognition in the community of the needs of older gay men. The very limited support for older gay men is apparent. QuAC has made available office space in their Brisbane complex for Mature Age Men Group Inc.


Our lunch Meetings are held each month at the
Sportsman Hotel, Leichardt Street, Spring Hill Brisbane.
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There is no e-mail contact for this group. Just turn up or inquire at the Sportsman Hotel

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